Cute Summer Outfit

Summer Hot Look Hello to all of my dear friends! 🙂 Spring is finally here, even though it doesn’t look like a spring outside (definitelly not over here in Bratislava). So I thought I could bring here some kind of sun vibe with this Cute summer outfit look. Pastel colors are my favourite and If … More Cute Summer Outfit

Fashion Dictionary

Chic Fashion Dictionary One of the most over-used fashion words chic, we all know but how many of you ever thought of where did come from and why is it so much used in the fashion industry? What does the word “chic” really means and where did it come from? According to the Oxford English … More Fashion Dictionary

Fashion Diaries

LOOK OF THE DAY STRIPES   Stripes, ooh I love them so much!! This is my “ messy hair & comfy wear “ day Cute top/ sweater is from H&M, however it is one of the older collections. I have had it for a while now. It is very comfy, it looks very good with … More Fashion Diaries

Streets of Italy

On our vacation in Italy, where I have been with my boyfriend we have visited Rimini town. And I love the streets in Italy, very short and curvy, full of stories. Walking around and relaxing in my long summer skirt bought at local market in Italy.. And of course we did little shopping out there … More Streets of Italy