Healthy way to make your teeth beautiful

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How to make your teeth look

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Today I’d like to share with you few tips for healthy teeth so if you are struggling with bad teeth, yellow colored and not really healthy looking ones you came to the right place!

I bet every one of us would like to have beautiful, white, shiny & healthy teeth and there is actually a way to keep it beautiful not only by washing your teeth twice a day –in the morning and before bed time.


Recently I read an article from a dentist who says that washing your teeth is not the only way to keep them healthy. It helps a lot of course, but as you know, even if you regularly clean your teeth you still have to visit dentist and they do not have to look the best anyway – in case you are not one of those lucky ones.

The most important thing is actually what you eat! Yes!

By eating the right vitamins you can make them look healthy and white! And you can eventually save on your visits to dentist.

There is 4 most important vitamins for healthy teeth.

Vitamin A – milk, milk products, eggs, carrot

Vitamin A creates natural water in your mouth, which helps to wash your teeth naturally.


Vitamin K2 – butter, salami, soft cheese

Vitamin K2 is important in order to receive calcium. It means that without K2 vitamin is useless for you to eat calcium, as it won’t be able to get in to your organism without vitamin K2.


Vitamin D – broccoli, spinach, nuts

Vitamin D is a MUST for your bones, and also very important to keep your teeth healthy.


Vitamin E – mushrooms, fish

Great antioxidant, which takes care of your mouth by preventing you from bacteria.


I hope it inspires you to eat more fresh & healthy food to keep your smile white & shiny!

If you know about more healthy tips for healthy teeth I’ll be more that happy if you can share it with me!

So smile it up for the weekend! 

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