How to influence people & win friends

Others will follow you only if you don’t care if they do.

Hello to all my dear friends!

Today I want to share with you this quick though that crossed my mind few days ago.

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PIN ME, Friend!

This post is mainly for those who struggle with being popular, missing enough friends or for those who feel alone and misunderstood.

Throughout my years I have been popular and a lot of people have kept on telling me that others for some reason like me. I have thought about why for a long time and I’ve come to conclusion that’s because I never really cared if they actually do.

I have my 3 best friends since forever. We’ve been together through bad times and good times and no matter what we stand next to each other even now, when we are bit older, have our own life and don’t have that much time to see others every day.

These are the people I really care about and of course including my family, my boyfriend & my dog Charley these people I love the most and I know they always be there for me.

Thanks to these people I find the strength inside of me that doesn’t let me feel alone. Ever.

Since I have these feelings of home around me I don’t fear to not have any other friends.

I say always to people what I think & don’t care if they will like me for it or not.

I don’t fear to stand out of the crown to say my opinion even if I will be the only one thinking that way.

Because I know I will come home and have my people around me that supports me.

So based on this that I’ve mentioned above I’ve realized that’s the reason why people will follow you – because they won’t feel from you that you need them to like you.

It’s kind of an energy that others feel from you. If they feel like you really want them to follow you without even saying it they more likely won’t.

You must have some kind of calmness inside and strength to make them like you and to be able to influence others that will follow you.

How can you do it?

Focus all of you energy on those people that really matters to you – your family, closest friends, etc.

Everything you’ll do, do it for yourself and for them. Only.

Do not pay too much attention to what others think about you or what they will say about you.

This is your journey, your life only. You choose who will be there and how will it go.

Nobody else instead of your closest people around you knows what have you been through and why you are doing so.

Nobody only you know what is your plan and where you want to get with it.

By thinking too much what others say and think you can easily lost your way and won’t be doing things and making decisions for you but for others.

How to
PIN ME, friend!

There is definitely way more to it to talk about, post I will keep it for a next one 😉

Please, if there is anything else you would like to add or anything you would like to ask me about feel free to do it – I will be happy to response!

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