Where to Stay in Bratislava

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Are you planning a weekend getaway in Bratislava or visiting Slovakia for the first time and don’t know yet where to lay your head at night?

Here’s the ultimate list of the best accommodation options in Bratislava for any budget – from a local.

I put together this list of my favourite places where to stay in Bratislava – best hotels, local hotels, apartments, hostels, etc. Choose which one suits you the most and use this easy-to-follow hotel guide on your next adventure.

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Falkensteiner  Hotel

Falkensteiner Hotel in Bratislava has a great location. It’s located in the Old Town, walking distance to the Bratislava Castle, Downtown area, Presidential Palace, etc.

It has modern architecture with very elegant charm. It has spacious rooms, spa & pool with a view on the castle right on the very top of this hotel.

Rate: 100 EUR/ per night

Summary: 7/10 – location is great if you visiting just for a night or two, since it’s close to every historical spot, every sightseeing locations however for a longer stay you’ll be missing calmness and quite. Good Tip gor a weekend getaway stay.


Ibis Hotel

Another good tip for your weekend getaway. Location of Ibis Hotel is even better I’d say as Falkensteiner hotel’s even though they are neighbors. Ibis is located right under the castle and it is not as noisy as it’s bit futher away from Zochova bus stop – the main crossroard in the Old Town.

Rooms are not as spacious but it’s very clean and fresh looking.

Rate: 70 EUR/ per night

Summary: 8/10

Radison Blu Carlton Hotel

One of the oldest luxurious hotels in Bratislava. In iconic Radisson Blu Carlton Hotel you can feel the historical atmosphere of Old Bratislava – Pressburg. Location could not be better as it is located on Hviezdoslavovo square, next to the national theather, in the Old Town.

This hotel is not as expensive,beven though it’s one of the traveller’s sightseeings stops.

Rate: from 145 EUR/ per night

Summary: 9/10

Hotel Albrecht

Hotel Albrecht is bit more expensive – one of the most luxurious hotels in Bratislava. It is located on the hill above the Bratislava Castle, in very peacfull area.

You can really enjoy your stay in Bratislava here in this hotel. After long day walking around you can rest in a spa, enjoy fantastic wine, or an evening in the garden.

Very modern look integrated with greens and wooden elements wakes it one of my favourite hotels here in the city.

Rate:  from 120 EUR/ per night

Summary: 10/10

Charming&Cozy Ambiente Apartments

Again great location – Ambiente Apartments re situated on Hodzovo square in front of Presidential Palace.

Modern look, clean spaces, reasonable rates & interesting architecture.

Rate: 60 EUR/ per night

Summary: 9/10

Mercure Hotel

Business 4* Mercure Hotel has a modern and plaful style, colorful design and many other benefits. I personally stayed at this hotel & my personal tip would definitely be the bathrooms. You can uncover the curtains and you can see to the bedroom. If you wish so you can hide there as well of course, by coling the curtains back. But this would be a great sexy tip from you for your romantic weekend getaway 🙂

Location is pretty good as it’s still in the Old Town, however it’s located near not-good-looking Main Rail Station (our station is not much what we are proud of). It could get bit more noisy in around too, but thanks to clever architecture inside the hotel, you can’t really hear anything.

Rate:  90 EUR/ per night

Summary: 8/10

Hotel Devin

Hotel Devin is one of the older higher-class hotels in the city. It’s been renowated few times since builed. Last time there’s been a bigger renowation made just a year ago.

Very classy, elegant hotel in the typical “Pressburg Style” (old name of Bratislava). Location is great – it’s neighbouring with Carlton Hotel, on Hviezdoslavovo square with great view on Danube River & Ufo on New Bridge.

Rate: 110 EUR/ per night

Summary: 8/10

Sheraton Hotel

One of the most luxurious hotels in Bratislava – Sheraton Hotel is located close to Old Town, on the edge of Eurovea shopping mall.

This modern looking otel can offer you everything you could wish for – luxuxry, great services, spa, pool, gym, shopping possibility & nightlife.

Rate: 840 EUR/ per night

Summary: 9/10

Botel Marina

If you are into little adventure try Botel Marina – hotel on the river Danube.

Enjoy morning coffee on the river, with great view on Bratislava. Location is of course great, as you are close to everything, on the edge of Old Town.

It’s  one of lower starred hotel, so great option for on-budget travellers, however it’s very clean & by staying here you can experienced the old Bratislava.

Rate: 50 EUR/ per night

Summary: 6/10 – even thought the botel is clean, I was missing a style there. Very plain colors, decoration. But If you don’t mind these things it is a great option for you.

Botel Dunajsky Pivovar

My TIP for your stay in Bratislava! Renewed Botel to Brewery & Hotel – can be you fantastic choice! You can enjoy freshly brewed beer just walking down stairs, while experiencing breathtaking view on the city sights from your balcony.

Rooms are spacious for a botel, great modern industrial design-in dark tones.

Rate: 85 EUR/ per night

Summary: 10/10 – great adventure for reasonable price

If there is anything else can comes to your mind, please share it ! And I hope you can find this list helpful! 

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