Healthy Morning Habits

My Healthy Morning Habits

6 Morning Habits for Healthy Lifestyle  

1.Wake up Early

Means do not snooze your alarm clock. Yes, I know it sounds like impossible to do, especially for me, because I struggle with this one a lot. I’m still working on it though and it keeps getting better. I let myself snooze it once but usually it never stops there. So I set my alarm clock to ring ones, second time – little after 15 minutes for example with a horrible sound on set up and then I know I have to wake up finally.

It works little better If you have problems waking up just like me, to you set your alarm clock to ring not right after the first ring – like 5 minutes later, because based on my experiences you will definitely keep on snooze it, but take your time in between the first and second alarm.

Or, ideally do not snooze at all and jump right up to



I don’t really mean to actually jump into that position. Just so we are clear about that hundred percent, but I think you all got it, don’t you?

Very easy is to scroll from the lying position into sitting position, with your eyes closed and meditate for even 5 minutes. For the beginning you can start with naming the things you are grateful for, or the things you wish to achieve today, so you won’t fall asleep right away.

It will calms you down, wakes you up a little amd gives you positive vibes for a great start of the day.

3.Drink Water

Drink ideally half a liter of water but any bigger glass of water is pretty much enough.

Drinking water right after you wake up is very important because it cleans your body and it helps activate internal organs.

4.Yoga or Workout

For few minutes do some activity like yoga, or some fitness routine, go for a run or just stretch.

It will gives you energy, kicks your metabolism and it sets your mind into positive mode.


Take a quick fresh shower, what can be better after little workout? I prefer to take shower before eating my breakfast, but If you are really hungry you can eat breakfast first instead.


6.Healthy Breakfast Time

Eat some healthy breakfast. If you do not have enough time in the mornings, make some overnight oats and keep it in the fridge overnight or make some quick fresh smoothie bowl (oats, fresh fruits, walnuts, yoghurt) or smoothie drink ( banana, squeezed orange juice, any fruit or vegetable you find, some nuts or oats). There is endless number of possibilities

During your breakfast is great to write down again the things you are grateful for or some of your goals you want to achieve today or in a month or year. Just take your time to peacefully eat you healthy breakfast and focus on the things you want to achieve by writing them down. It will helps you to send you to the right direction to achieve your goals If you will see it in front of you – and setting goals is a MUST in order to achieve them. And if anything, it will somehow makes you feel happier, motivated and positive right away.


I am a huge coffee lover so I can’t leave my house without a cup of coffee and in the morning it’s always freshly prepared espresso – that is my MUST morning habit – it’s like a cherry on a cake. The perfect end to the morning routine and fantastic start of a new day.



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