Travel Guide – Corfu, Greece

Corfu, Greece

Travel Guide


Beautiful Island Corfu, or Kerkyra in Greek is the second biggest island in the Ionian Sea and the greenest of all Greek islands with the capital city named Corfu.

Including 3 smaller islands  EreikoussaMathraki and Othonoi it creates a regional unit – single municipality and it is the most northwestern part of Greece.


History of Corfu is bound up with Greek Mythology. Kerkyra owns its name after the Nymph Korkira, the daughter of the River God, Aesopos. According to the myth, Poseidon, God of the Sea, fell in love with Nymph Korkira, kidnapped her and brought her back on this island. Battle of Sybota during Pelloponesian War took place in ancient Korkyra. During Medieval years people of Corfu struggled with Ottomans and pirates. In the recent history British began to occupy the Ionian Islands and reached Corfu in 1815 and took it under their domination. During this period the Greek language became official language, new roads were built, the water supply system was improved and the first Greek University was founded in 1824. During the Greek Revolution 1860s the Ionian Islands were donated to the new King of Greece.

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Corfu is famous for delicious food, wines, history, beautiful beaches and unforgettableatmosphere.

The island is so much more than just turquoise waters, great food, rich history and nightlife, it has a lot to offer even for an adventurer so keep reading If you would like to discover the most beautiful beaches beaches and other great hidden spots in Corfu.


What to visit: 

Corfu Town – it’s worth just walk around the curvy old historical smelly streets, Spianada Square– largest square in Greece Old and New Fortress especially is worth to climb the top to see the breathtaking view.

Kassiopi – it’s a gorgeous small village near Barbati and it’s worth visiting – you can swim and rest at the Bataria Beach

Sidari – a village about 30 km far from Corfu Town. It’s the main touristic spot, known for great sandy beaches. Do not miss to visit Canal d’Amour, which according to the legend if you swim through it with your loved one, you’ll stay together forever.

Achilleon – visit Achilleon Palace built for Austria’s Empress Elisabeth, known as Sisi


Gardenos Beach – this beach is beautiful, long, safe and quit place with golden sandy beaches and crystal waters ideal for nature lovers, famielies, couples or friends.

Porto Timoni Beach – if you are more into rocky mountain climbing and magnificant views, do not miss this place.


We have borrowed small moped or 4 wheeler motor bike for very affordable price with full tank of gas ( it costed us about 20 EUR a day and you had to return it with the same amount of gas in tank). We drove around the island stopped at few beaches it’s worth spent activity.

Corfu Donkey Rescue – If you are an animal lover definitely visit this place. It has beautiful view on the landmarks & you can actually walk around the rescued donkeys and get to know them.

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