Positive Mindset – Intuition

Positive Mindset



Hello my friends.

Today I would like to share with you few of my tips on how to listen to your inner voice, because I believe he knows better J

What is the inner voice?

I don’t really have the answer to this question. I guess it can be your soul, a God – I believe it is the real you.

It is what you really want, what you desires, what you need without any influence from the outside world.

Many people would compare it to what your heart says instead of what your brain says. It is because when you think of something that you really want or something you would really like to become and it seems like impossible because you would have try too hard for it or you would have to break some rules for it – it seems like heart tells you to do it but it’s impossible because of the rules you have to obey or because it is normal like that – that what could be compared to what your brain says.

Your brain is getting all this information because of the surrounding where you grow up. What you learn at school, what your parents or other peopel around you tells you to do. By the years.

But your heart or more likely I would compare it to intuition or the inner voice tells you what you really like and what you should do or become.

And If you would take your time and listen to your inner voice more often, and also work for it without looking back on what other people thinks about it you will deffinitly reach your dreams, your goals and be happy with positive mindset.

In my opinion, If you really want something even when it seems impossible to get it you shouldn’t listen to what other people says and do it even If nobody ever done it before – If your intuition tells you that.

Because it is possible, just not that many people have tried it before.

And the real happiness is found only If you reach your dreams. When you sometimes break some rules or habits for it.

And you intuition or inner voice is right. It knew it before you have even realized it.

I hope you feel more motivated and positive after reading this and my message after this should be listen to your inner voice more often because intuition is the mother of wisdom.

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