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Bratislava is my hometown. It’s a beautiful city, capital of Slovakia, which is situated right in the heart of Europe. Geographically 🙂

After the fall of communism in 1989 it has become very attractive place for travelers from all over the world.

One of the main advantages of Bratislava is its location. As it is a neighbor to Vienna, Austria which is only half an hour drive away or Budapest, Hungary.


If you want to plan your stay a head well, use this ultimate Bratislava hotel guide 


Historical Monuments

You can find here many historical monuments, since Bratislava has interesting and long history – St. Martin’s Dome – which during the kingdom years used to be a coronation cathedral for kings and queens of Hungarian empire – and in the very top of this cathedral is hidden treasure.

Bratislava castle – burned down by Napoleon – stands on the hill so you can easily see it from any place in the old town – it is not that much interesting in the inside, there are only museums to see, but the front of the castle and the garden and especially the streets down the castle are very great to see and walked during the day.


Main square with Maximilian fountain – which according to legend used to turn around at midnight – or the Michael’s Gate – one of the boarder towers – in the inside you can find a Museum of Arms.

There is many more historical monuments to mention, but just the atmosphere of the town when you are walking down the curvy streets in the old town, covered by little shops and restaurants with terases outside especially in the summer evenings when it is all lighted up and crowded by people walking, is unforgettable.

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Café Culture

Especially in the last 15 years or so, the café culture – that I will talk about more deeply in my other post – has grown a lot and you find a lot of cafes in many hidden streets. Each of them has its own atmosphere, mainly urban, hipster style or ecofriendly vision, broad selection of coffees, cakes or other snacks and usually they offer fresh cooked full meals during lunches on weekdays.

One of my favourites, which are located in the city downtown are Gorilla Urban Space on SNP námestie (square) which is connected with bookstore. Other great cafes are Mondieu on Laurinska street (there are 2 stores on the same street) – definitely try their chocolate which is freshly made and is dropping down from fountains- love it! Other ones like Dobre&Dobre, Moods Bakery, Stur cafe or Kaffe Mayer on the main sqaue – one of the oldest cafes since 1913.




There is also many green spots if you are tired from the urban surrounding.

Great place is Janko Kral’s Park on the other side of Danube’s river in the part called Petrzalka.

From this park you can easily get to one of 3 beaches – man made beaches – where it naturally leads you – great place for playing with kinds, there is also space for playing volleyball or just sitting and drinking cocktail in the bar with great view at the city. Or you can stay until the sun goes down and dance on one of the parties under the stars.

Another spot would be Horsky Park – great place for a little run or some yoga or Koliba.

During the summer you can visit Wake Lake on Zlate Piesky beach or other lake beaches like Strkovec, Kosariska or Drazdiak.


There is far more places to mention, which you should see while visiting Bratislava but I will talk about those in my other post. Just few more stops to mention – Eurovea – it is a shopping mall with great outdoor space along the river coast lined by stylish restaurants, cafes or even machines to workout outside. By walking by the river you can easilly get to the Old Town and also to the New Bridge  where you should visit Ufo restaurant right on the top of the bridge, where you have amazing view around the city.

The last thing I have to mention is the nightlife which is amazing – you can find here many clubs, coctails bars, beer bars, sport bars, wine bars for every taste, usually walking distance from each other. And especially on the summer nights the party comes out of the clubs to the streets of the old town so basically you are partying and dancing all along. It is unforgetable experience.


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