How to Motivate Yourself & How to overcome Negativity

Hello to all my dear friends!

When nothing is working the way you want it, it’s very hard to stay positive & motivated.

Today I will share with you my recommendations on How to stay motivated & How to overcome negativity on your way to reach your goals.

If it all seems like it’s over because it all have just fallen apart it’s just another BIG “bump” in the way.


There is soo many times in our lives when all that we have worked for, for so long, seems like it has just fallen apart like a house made of cards.

Just like when you are for example working on some project in your job and you spent almost all of your spare time in the office untill late night, just to get it done the best you can. And then, when there is the “D” day you screw up very badly because you forget the speech or you even miss it at all because your battery died and the alarm clock didn’t ring at all.

Or when the love of your life doesn’t love you anymore and leaves you because of your very good friend.

Or just when you for example study for a test 3 times harder than your schoolmates and at the end of the day you are the only one not passing it.

There is just so many other examples of situations where this quote could be applied. And even in the “ligher” ones, however I believe that it’s just not the end of the road yet.

It’s just another “bump” in the way.

But the road continues. And when we get there, I believe that we will understand why were the bumps there.

So what can help you to keep on going even though it feels like the universe is just against you?

Just change the way you think!

Do not think about the bad things and do not stick to your negative thoughts. Anytime something bad or unfair happens on your way to your goal, try to let go and immediatly think of why you are doing that. And just keep on working on it, try to keep the ood thoughts in your way & continue reaching your dream. And it will work out!

Universe is not against you, he just give you what you are thinking about. So If you keep on having this negative thoughts in your head, universe brings you this things.


So what I am trying to say is to try our best to believe that we CAN achieve what we believe in. And sometimes it might be hard but it’s just another obstacle – it doesn’t have to mean that we are not able to achieve it. Only the ones who never give up can reach their dreams. And some lucky ones maybe 😉

Because as from a history we know that even if you loose the fight, you can still win the war.

Of course nobody is perfect and in situations that I mentioned, which were very strong examples, it’s very hard, almost impossible, to stay calm and think ” Oh, it will be ok anyway, it’s nothing. ” I understand.

But we can at least try and at the end of the day it will pay off.


 I hope you feel more motivated after reading this post because that should be the purpose of it.


If there is anyting else you struggle with that I can help you with, please leave a comment

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