Life UpDate | From Sales to Enterpreneur



Ok, so this post might be a little different from the others, since I have no idea what am I going to talk about yet and what is the purpose of it. I just feel like to write. Something. To write down that flow of thoughts that is going on in my head. And I dont mean it in a bad way, like its not some crazy stuff 😁 Basicaly I just feel like to write from the heart right now.

So first of all, I want to tell you something about my new job. I have started to work as SalesΒ at one international event company. So its pretty fun, I get to learn to sell products or services to big companies and how exactly to do it and how to talk to them. When I learn more I will definitely share it with you in my blog so you can learn it too and potentially use it as an advantage if you are thinking to work as enterpreneur and sell your own services or products. Or if you are looking for a similar job.

My plan is to work as enterpreneur, to be able to work from home, travel and to be the boss of my time 😊 And I think that most of us want the same.

I dont call it a dream though I call it a plan. πŸ‘

Even though I used to have my own business – a coffee shop & bakery – it was great but It took away all of my time and I couldnt go anywhere or do anything else, I couldnt travel and at the end of the day that little shop was the boss of my time.

The passion for it is still there but for a cafe I think I have to grow up a little bit more πŸ™„πŸ™ƒ

Ok I had no idea that I will end up talking about my job 😁 But I hope it made a smile on your face at least or that it even motivated you a little maybe but I think thats it for today my friends my heart says 😁 So I wish you all beautiful day and talk to you in a next post 😘



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