Romantic Look of the day

IMG_2956I fell in love with this style.

I love these “flowy” sleeve-styled pieces. I have already boughed red top from @forever21 and a grey dress from @stradivarius which I will post soon.

Im not very sure though how is this style called so you can leave me a comment If you know so ☺️but I am already in love and looking forward to buy more pieces 🙂



This picture was actually taken while I was waiting for my boyfriends bussiness-meeting to end so I was killing time cruising the shops ☺️And my eyes stopped at this beautiful white romantic blouse. You can where it basicaly everywhere. Its a perfect office look If you add up to it some nice pants or a skirt in any color or its a great look for afternoon walk down the city or night date 💝

Since the picture was taken in a fitting room the rest of the outfit dont go well with that blouse so I hope you understand and that you will be able to have that romantic chic vibe anyway.

Share with me your latest fashion inspiration 😘



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