Love comes to those who believe

I dont know if this is the best title for what I am going to write about. I am having very inspirational mood though and I want to share it with you through this picture of the shadows of me and my boyfriend. Its taken in the beach in Italy.


imageThe message I wanted to share with you can be either for those who still looking for their other wing, but also can mean that anything you do and you believe in it will become a reality.

I know it sounds tacky but I can prove by my life that its true 🙂

My relationships used to be horrible, I mean I never really had a real relationship when Im looking back to my life. Just untill now.

It was always like a game. I always pretended to be somebody else without even knowing. I always tried to be somebody who they wanted me to be. And at the end of the day it ended up always the same – by being cheated on. ALWAYS !!!!

But I always knew or believed so hard that for all the bad there has to be something special waiting for me in the future.

And believe it or not I do think I have found it. I have been with my boyfriend Filip for almost 6 years and he couldnt be better, well maybe a little bit he could but who is perfect right 😜

If you love who you are at first and if you believe good things can happen to you too they will. Life will somehow leads you to that direction.

Not only in love but in everything you want to achieve.

Have a wonderful day my friends 🙂


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